Drew Simon Interview

B.L. Interviews Drew Simon, a social impact and technology enthusiast with ten years of leadership experience in the non-profit and higher education sectors. Drew has served as a Senior Leader, Director, and Advisor for multiple non-profit organizations, and has helped charities around the world secure millions in funding to support their missions. More recently, Drew was introduced to blockchain and cryptocurrency, and was amazed by its potential to transform the social impact sector. This led to the launch of Crypto Altruism, a Blog and Community of Practice dedicated to advancing the social impact use cases of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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Curtis Boyd Interview

Beyond Social Media - Curtis Boyd Interview - Episode 360

During episode 360 of the Beyond Social Media Show podcast, B.L. Ochman interviews Curtis Boyd, CEO of Objection.co. He explains how to fight fake online reviews. He also shares the amazing story that led him from nursing school to MIT and his online career.

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Coral Graszer Interview

Beyond Social Media - Coral Graszer Interview - Episode 357

Host David Erickson interviews Coral Graszer, Senior Public Relations & Communications Manager at Fiskars Group, about how literature and music played a role in her PR career, branding, influencer marketing, and much more.

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Bob Hoffman Interview

Beyond Social Media - Bob Hoffman Interview - Episode 355

Host B.L. Ochman interviews ad contrarian Bob Hoffman, author of five Amazon #1 selling books about advertising. He is also one of the most sought-after international speakers on advertising and marketing.

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Alberto Monserrate Interview

Beyond Social Media - Alberto Monserrate Interview - Episode 353

Host David Erickson interviews Alberto Monserrate, CEO and co-founder of NewPublica, a Minnesota public relations firm specializing in multicultural communications. They discuss the diversity within communities of color and the intricacies of communicating with them.

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Tom Herman Interview

Beyond Social Media - Tom Herman Interview - Episode 351

Host B.L. Ochman interviews Tom Herman, Vice President of Business Development for AirCarbon Pte Ltd about reducing climate change by gamifying non-fungible tokens (NFT) of carbon offsets.

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Blois Olson Interview

Beyond Social Media - Blois Olson Interview - Episode 349

David Erickson interviews Blois Olson, founder of Fluence Media, publisher of seven popular newsletters and a Minnesota politics-focused podcast, and political commentator at WCCO radio.

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Miranda Head Interview

Beyond Social Media - Miranda Head Interview - Episode 347

B.L. Ochman interviews TikTok star Miranda Head, host of the TikTok Famous podcast, and Social Media Manager for FloQast, about video marketing on TikTok and how she has earned success on the platform.

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Pat Lilja Interview

Beyond Social Media - Pat Lilja Interview - Episode 345

David interviews Pat Lilja, CMO at Pritzker Hageman, P.A., about legal digital marketing, public relations, public affairs, search engine optimization and a lot more.

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