Mathfluencers (Or Math Influencers)

During episode 379, BL and David discuss a knitting influencer and teacher mathfluencers on TikTok; search engine optimization for educational videos; Slack’s name pronounciation feature; a clever QR code commercial; advertising guns; doorbell ads; a Facebook phishing scandal; clumsy training videos; and much, much more.

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Domino’s Pizza Stranger Things App

Beyond Social Media - Dominos Stranger Things - Episode 378

During episode 378, BL and David discuss Domino’s Stranger Things brand partnership; the brave new frontier of virtual product placements; Coinbase gets all up in in haters’ faces; LEGO’s crowdsourced Starry Night set; a Taco Bell oil painting; the problem of livestreamed mass murder; the disasterously misnamed stablecoins; GrubHub’s costly lunch; ShipGo’s ridiculing commercial; the most GenX tweet in the history of Twitter; and much, much more.

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Elon Musk & Twitter Circles

Beyond Social Media - Twitter & Elon Musk - Episode 377

During episode 377, BL and David discuss Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and the composition of his tweets; how the tech titans are teaming up to forge a password-free future; how video game engines are transforming Hollywood; Twitter’s testing of Circles; LeBron James talks to his younger self; Budweiser’s politically-charged “freedom” cans; cannabis marketers stealing famous food brand packaging; video ads crashing news apps; Instagram marketing statistics; and much, much more.

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CNN Plus Disaster

Beyond Social Media - CNN Minus - Episode 376

During episode 376, BL and David discuss a PSA campaign featuring actual gunshot victims unboxing firearms; Google Docs can write summaries and OpenAI can write much more impressive prose; Stripe and Twitter partnering on crypto payouts; YouTube’s new keyword research tool; Google’s Earth Day Doodle; Jimmy John’s gets high; the quick and nasty demise of CNN+; an NFT get-rich-quick scheme; BeReal stats; and much, much more.

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Pink Floyd Returns For Ukraine

Beyond Social Media - Pink Floyd Reforms - Episode 375

During episode 375, BL and David discuss Pink Floyd reuniting for Ukraine; YouTube experiments with reactions; AdAge educates marketers on Web3; podcasts on Twitter; Twitter’s edit button; Fortune 1’s NFTpocalypse; voice-activated graphic design; AI salesforce; the mother of all Facebook lawsuits; podcast consumption; and much, much more.

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Burger King’s Poop Emoji Ice Cream

Beyond Social Media - Burger King Poop Ice Cream - Episode 374

During episode 374, BL and David discuss Ukraine’s NFT fundraiser; the conversational receptiveness of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s video address to the Russian people; YouTube video essays; Sting’s new Hiring Chain music video for World Down Syndrome Day; Burger King’s poop emoji ice cream; Google’s sunsetting Universal Analytics; a botched TikTok takedown attempt; and much, much more.

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Beyond Social Media - Dollyverse - Episode 373

During episode 373, BL and David discuss Dolly Parton’s foray into the metaverse; tracking the emotional responses to commercials; Twitter’s new eCommerce shops; how to claim credit for your work so your boss doesn’t steal it; the White House’s influencer marketing efforts to combat Russia’s anti-Ukraine propaganda; Russia’s bankrolling of pro-Putin influencers; yet another PR pitch from hell; Facebook’s random banning of pages; and much, much more.

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Crowdsourcing Ukraine War Intel

During episode 372, BL and David discuss the new Twitter Community features; LinkedIn’s new marketers’ community group; how some California researchers identified Russian invasion troop movements using Google Maps; the growing base of Metaverse users; Applebee annoyed at CNN for picture-in-picture ad placement within breaking war coverage; gaming Wikipedia’s SCOTUS candidate bio pages; YouTube’s random, mistaken takedown notices; Fake Instagram Ukraine war accounts; and much, much more.

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Super Bowl LXI Commercials

Beyond Social Media - Super Bowl LXI Commercials - Episode 371

During episode 371, BL and David discuss Bay Area Rapid Transit’s customer love story for Valentine’s Day; Apple’s virtual reality operating system, realityOS; YouTube’s Super Bowl LXI Ad Blitz collection; the Go Viral video game that teaches you to recognize disinformation techniques; Hawaiian Tropic’s crappy marketing; the reputational signals generated by Spotify’s Joe Rogan controversy; the fallen prestige of Forbes; Edelman’s Trust Barometer; and much, much more.

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Delete Spotify Trends

Beyond Social Media - Delete Spotify Trends - Episode 370

During episode 370, BL and David discuss Neil Young and other musicians leaving Spotify in protest over Joe Rogan’s Covid disinformation; the Bryant Lake Bowl’s amazing marketing video; Gibson’s NFT guitars; Michelob Ultra’s Super Bowl commercial previews; M&M’s mascot makeovers; Influencers need to get their act together; Twitter lets the Big Lie spread; the ridiculous defintion of an Instagram Reel view; 2022 spending on social audio; and much, much more.

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