Mathfluencers (Or Math Influencers)

Mathfluencers & Knitfluencers

Episode 379 – June 12, 2022


  • Mathfluences & Knitfluencers
  • Educational Video SEO
  • Slack Says Say My Name
  • QR Code Commercial
  • Gun Marketing
  • Doorbell Ads
  • Facebook Phishing
  • Ridiculing White Guys
  • CTR By Search Rankings

During episode 379, BL and David discuss a knitting influencer and teacher mathfluencers on TikTok; search engine optimization for educational videos; Slack’s name pronounciation feature; a clever QR code commercial; advertising guns; doorbell ads; a Facebook phishing scandal; clumsy training videos; and much, much more.

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Best Practices


For two decades, Sam Barsky has knit sweaters of places and then posts photos of himself wearing the sweaters at those places.

Educational Video SEO

These rich results show in English in all regions for academic learning content on desktop and mobile.


Millennial educators decide to meet Gen Z students where they’re already hanging out: on TikTok.

@the_mrskelly Reply to @theemmag You can also find common denominators #mathtime #mathtips #mathhelp #mrskellymath #teachersontiktok ♬ Glorious (feat. Skylar Grey) – Macklemore

QR Code Commercial

Slack Name Pronounciation Feature

Now there’s no excuse for mispronouncing names! You can state your name in an audio clip or add a phonetic pronunciation. You also can include the phonetic pronunciation in your profile.

Slack Pronounciation Feature

Worst Practices

Advertising Guns

In the wake of three mass shootings in short succession in the U.S., Campaign US investigated whether ad tech firms are, inadvertently or not, helping to monetize the arms industry. They are.

Kinectico’s Doorbell Commercial Will Drive Your Pets Crazy

Facebook’s Phishing Scandal

A phishing campaign on Facebook has earned its propagators roughly $59.85 million since it started in September 2021.

Idiot White Guy Stereotype In Training Videos


Heineken Bottle Opener Shuts Down All Work Apps

Heineken developed a functional gadget that closes work applications when cracking a beer, part of a new push to address growing work-life imbalance under the pandemic.

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