Domino’s Pizza Stranger Things App

Beyond Social Media - Dominos Stranger Things - Episode 378

During episode 378, BL and David discuss Domino’s Stranger Things brand partnership; the brave new frontier of virtual product placements; Coinbase gets all up in in haters’ faces; LEGO’s crowdsourced Starry Night set; a Taco Bell oil painting; the problem of livestreamed mass murder; the disasterously misnamed stablecoins; GrubHub’s costly lunch; ShipGo’s ridiculing commercial; the most GenX tweet in the history of Twitter; and much, much more.

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Elon Musk & Twitter Circles

Beyond Social Media - Twitter & Elon Musk - Episode 377

During episode 377, BL and David discuss Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and the composition of his tweets; how the tech titans are teaming up to forge a password-free future; how video game engines are transforming Hollywood; Twitter’s testing of Circles; LeBron James talks to his younger self; Budweiser’s politically-charged “freedom” cans; cannabis marketers stealing famous food brand packaging; video ads crashing news apps; Instagram marketing statistics; and much, much more.

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