CNN Plus Disaster

Beyond Social Media - CNN Minus - Episode 376

During episode 376, BL and David discuss a PSA campaign featuring actual gunshot victims unboxing firearms; Google Docs can write summaries and OpenAI can write much more impressive prose; Stripe and Twitter partnering on crypto payouts; YouTube’s new keyword research tool; Google’s Earth Day Doodle; Jimmy John’s gets high; the quick and nasty demise of CNN+; an NFT get-rich-quick scheme; BeReal stats; and much, much more.

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Pink Floyd Returns For Ukraine

Beyond Social Media - Pink Floyd Reforms - Episode 375

During episode 375, BL and David discuss Pink Floyd reuniting for Ukraine; YouTube experiments with reactions; AdAge educates marketers on Web3; podcasts on Twitter; Twitter’s edit button; Fortune 1’s NFTpocalypse; voice-activated graphic design; AI salesforce; the mother of all Facebook lawsuits; podcast consumption; and much, much more.

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