Burger King’s Poop Emoji Ice Cream

Beyond Social Media - Burger King Poop Ice Cream - Episode 374

During episode 374, BL and David discuss Ukraine’s NFT fundraiser; the conversational receptiveness of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s video address to the Russian people; YouTube video essays; Sting’s new Hiring Chain music video for World Down Syndrome Day; Burger King’s poop emoji ice cream; Google’s sunsetting Universal Analytics; a botched TikTok takedown attempt; and much, much more.

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Beyond Social Media - Dollyverse - Episode 373

During episode 373, BL and David discuss Dolly Parton’s foray into the metaverse; tracking the emotional responses to commercials; Twitter’s new eCommerce shops; how to claim credit for your work so your boss doesn’t steal it; the White House’s influencer marketing efforts to combat Russia’s anti-Ukraine propaganda; Russia’s bankrolling of pro-Putin influencers; yet another PR pitch from hell; Facebook’s random banning of pages; and much, much more.

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