Delete Spotify Trends

Beyond Social Media - Delete Spotify Trends - Episode 370

During episode 370, BL and David discuss Neil Young and other musicians leaving Spotify in protest over Joe Rogan’s Covid disinformation; the Bryant Lake Bowl’s amazing marketing video; Gibson’s NFT guitars; Michelob Ultra’s Super Bowl commercial previews; M&M’s mascot makeovers; Influencers need to get their act together; Twitter lets the Big Lie spread; the ridiculous defintion of an Instagram Reel view; 2022 spending on social audio; and much, much more.

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LinkedIn Virtual Events

Beyond Social Media - LinkedIn Virtual Events - Episode 369

During episode 369, BL and David discuss a social justice t-shirt campaign; LinkedIn’s streaming social audio feature; The Gap’s $500 NFT hoodie; a superb real estate influencer example; Apple AirTag’s stalking abilities; FTC Investigates Facebook Meta for anti-competitive behavior; Google and Facebook under fire for cookie policies; North Korea hacks crypto to fund WMDs; and much, much more.

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