Best & Worst Marketing Stories Of 2021

Beyond Social Media - 2021 Best & Worst Stories - Episode 368

During episode 368, BL and David discuss the top ten best marketing stories they covered in 2021 as well as the top ten worst marketing stories. Those stories included Alien Oreos, a handgun unboxing PSA, 2020 hooks up with Satan in Commercials, Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs Launch, Weinermobile Lyft Rides, New York Times’ interactive historical reporting of the Tulsa Race Masacre, Snapchat Millionaires, Sleep Number’s advertorial TV commercials, Nerf Hires Fan As Chief Tik Tok Otticer, an Italian Mafia Fugitive Cooked By YouTube, Facebook’s January 6 Fail, a working gun disguised as a Lego toy, LinkedIn Knocks TikTok, the Milk Crate Challenge, Facebook renames, Twitter disses Alan Page, Mars Bar’s pesterbot, Nike’s Satan Shoes, Fired By Bot At Amazon, and Dancing Middle Aged Guys.

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