Wheel Of Time Billboard

During episode 367, BL and David discuss Twitter’s new bot certification program; Prime Video’s awesome anamorphic billboards for the Wheel Of Time premier; the launch of The Atlantic’s new newsletters; Nicole Wallace conducts a master class on how to interview a politician with follow-up questions for Chris Christie; Apple allows self-repair of their devices; the World Wildlife Foundation’s brilliant climate change advocacy video; Spotify to allow video podcasts; TikTok’s mediocre safety center; Big Oil’s decades-long disinformation campaign; a media bias chart misses the mark; and much, much more.

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Beyond Social Media - Icelandverse - Episode 366

During episode 366, BL and David discuss Iceland’s hilarious tourism video mocking Mark Zuckerberg’s launch of Meta; the Twitter Blue rollout; TikTok’s Creative Exchange; Is traditional SEO enough for voice?; email engagements that boost inbox visibility; content marketing tactics for recruiting talent; Arby’s french fried vodka; Apple’s secret advertising arbitrage; Instagram poaching TikTokers; the wild west of disinformation on podcasts; the state of email marketing; and much, much more.

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